Lancaster Canal

Designed by John Rennie and built by Alexander Stevens, the grade 1 Lune aqueduct, which was built in 1797, is a civil engineering masterpiece, at 664ft long, it carries the Lancaster canal at 53ft over the River Lune.

Comprising of 5, 70ft stone arches, the Lune aqueduct offers perfect photo opportunities. Mooring is possible at either side of the aqueduct should you wish to walk the river banks and capture some amazing scenery.

The Bay Gateway Bridge. Although not quite as impressive as the Lune Aqueduct, is the most recent bridge, built in 2016 and carries 4 lanes of traffic over the canal. As you travel below, you can really appreciate the engineering which brought the design to life.

Lancaster Canal, Historically known as the Black and White canal, was built with the primary goal of transporting coal north from the Lancashire Coal fields and Limestone south from Cumbria. Evidence of this can be found close to the Lansil golf course where you can still see the old Coke ovens which were used to convert the bituminous coal into industrial coke which was a much cleaner fuel used in smelting Iron Ore in the factories further along the canal.

Evidence of these hard days work can still be seen when looking at the bridges, the old stone still shows where the ropes from the horses would drag as the navigated the barges along the towpaths and through the bridges.

Lancaster canal is one of the very few coastal canals, you can moor up and within an easy 15 minute walk, you can be on the beach. Travelling from the marina towards Preston, you will pass a wide variety of landscapes.

From the serene Lancashire countryside through to the industrial Town of Carnforth From there, you will soon be mooring up to enjoy the typical seaside attractions of Morecambe Bay and/or the beautiful history of Heysham Village.

Back through the countryside to the city of Lancaster with history dating back to the Roman times, you can learn about the Pendle witches who were charged in Lancaster castle and sentenced to death by hanging not far away or just enjoy a meal and the nightlife of the city.

Whatever your lifestyle, Lancaster canal has something to offer everyone.